Around the Web

The Write Life: This is a great resource geared toward new writers who want to do anything from freelancing to self-publishing. There are also some great articles on craft as well.

Poets & Writers: There is a wealth of information here, including an extensive list of literary publications and their submission statistics. But one of my favorite aspects of P&W is the “Writing Prompts” section, under “Tools for Writers.”

Brain Pickings includes a wide range of essays, quotes, and even artwork from/about your favorite authors. I find its content to be highly inspiring, and I often use it has a tool to get my creative juices flowing on those mornings when I’d rather just shut my computer and go back to bed.



Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird is an absolute must-read for any writer. It’s a wonderfully written guide to craft and writing in general.

Renni Brown and Dave King’s Self-Editing for Fiction Writers is a great tool for fiction writers, especially those new to self-editing and publishing.

Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath is a very useful guide to creating and writing ideas that will naturally “stick” with their intended audiences.


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