how many blogs to post

One of the most common questions that business owners want to know about their blog is how many posts they should be uploading to their website each week. While there is a wealth of information out there about this subject, I’ve found that much of it is lengthy and pretty involved. For an easy-to-digest answer, here’s my take.

Quality over Quantity

Ten years ago, bloggers were rising to popularity by posting every single day or even several posts per day. While some huge blogs, such as Huffington Post, still follow this strategy, most small-to-average-sized blogs have since taken a different approach. With so much content constantly available, readers are pickier than ever about which posts they choose to spend their time reading through and which to scroll on by. Because of this, the most successful blogs no longer need to worry about finding the time or funds to post every single day. Instead, focus on posting high-quality content that readers actually want to read. Never post just for the sake of posting.

Two to Three Posts Per Week Is the Sweet Spot

For most small businesses, posting two to three times per week is going to be the best mix of consistency and engaging, quality content. Don’t let a marketing agency bully you into paying them to post every day because “you won’t see results any other way.” This just isn’t true anymore. As long as you’re following rule #1 and investing in top-quality content that is interesting to your target audience, there’s no need to bombard them with content every single day.

Consistency Is Key

You don’t need to go crazy with daily posts, but you do need to stick to some form of regular schedule. Otherwise, both Google and your readers wonder if you’re even still in business if you all of a sudden fall off the posting wagon for a month or two. If you’re having trouble managing your blog and/or social media accounts, consider hiring a freelancer or other content professional to make sure you’re getting quality material out to your readers consistently.

Still confused about how many blogs to post? Feel free to shoot me a message online¬†or leave a comment below. I’d be happy to help!