Work With Me

I offer content writing and editing services, and would be happy to hear about your project. Please contact me, outlining your project and what work you’d like done so that I can give you my best price estimate. I typically work at a fixed price rate, which will depend on the details of the work, but I strive to offer highly competitive rates while never sacrificing the quality of my work. Below are a few of the areas in which I specialize.

For Authors

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, I specialize in polishing book-length manuscripts to make them publisher- or agent-ready. If you are in the beginning stages of writing your book, I can also help you through the drafting process by providing professional critiques of more macro issues like structure, flow, and content.

For Business Owners

Often, it’s much easier for people to speak their ideas rather than to get them down on paper in a way that perfectly delivers their message. For business owners, getting your message across to a wide range of potential customers is crucial to success. I can help you transform your spoken ideas (in the form of an audio clip, phone call, or Skype interview) into a professional, polished piece of writing.

For Websites & Digital Marketing

I have experience working with SEO, social media content and graphics, and other online marketing strategies to create original blogs, articles, posts, and landing pages that are appealing and creative, while also serving marketing and acquisition purposes.