What’s a Content Mill and Why Don’t I Want to Use One?

whats a content mill

Whether you’re a business looking to hire a freelance writer or two or are a writer yourself and are looking for some paid gigs, chances are, you’ve come across your fair share of content mills in your search. So what, exactly, is a content mill in the first place, and why might this not be the best idea for either side? Read on to learn more.

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6 Tips for Decluttering Your Work Space and Getting More Done

decluttering work space

Clutter has been linked with heightened anxiety, stress, and low productivity levels. If you’re a freelancer trying to manage a business and a million-and-one different clients and projects, this can mean big problems for not only your financial success but also your sanity. Take a look at these six tips for decluttering your work space so that you can get more done more efficiently and with much less stress.

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5 Free Invoicing Platforms for Freelancers and Small Businesses

freelance invoicing

The best part of freelancing is getting paid for your hard work. But if you’re using a clunky online system or an outdated spreadsheet, this process could be a major headache for you. The good news is that there are a few great invoicing platforms out there that won’t cost you a dime and, maybe even more importantly, won’t try to trick you into signing up for a free trial by putting your credit card on file. Here are my top five favorites. read more…

Is It Ever Okay to “Fire” a Client? (Hint: Absolutely)

how to fire a client

While freelancers are ultimately in the business of attracting and keeping clients, that doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your dignity, self-respect, or flat-out happiness in the name of retaining a troublesome client. In case you missed the hint in the title of this post, it is absolutely okay (and sometimes quite necessary) to drop a client if you’re simply unable to maintain a healthy working relationship with that individual or company. That said, there is a right and a wrong way to do so. Read on for a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

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3 Content Writing Mistakes You Could Be Making

content writing mistakes

Generating content for your company’s website is much more than plugging in a few keywords here and there and hoping your customers will find you. With so much content out there, internet users are more selective than ever about which articles to actually read and which to pass up. The key is to attract genuine interest by avoiding these three all-to-common content writing mistakes.

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Should Your Freelance Clients Sign a Contract?

freelancing business contract

While most freelancers who are just starting out don’t draft up a contract right away, it typically doesn’t take very long before they’re questioning whether or not they should have one in place. Going through the trouble of creating a contract and then asking each new client to sign one might seem like a lot of extra work, but it will be well worth it in the long run. Here’s why.

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The Myth of the Early Bird and the Night Owl

writing habits

We all know the “early bird” and “night owl” types. Heck, we also probably know which category we fit into ourselves, whether we like it or not. But the idea that we are somehow predetermined by our personalities, genetics, or fate to be a morning person or a night person has led a lot of people to believe that there’s nothing they can do to change their ways and increase the amount of hours they have available to them each day.

The truth is, though, that there’s no such thing as an early bird or a night owl. There are only habits. So what’s the moral to the story? It goes a little something like this…

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3 Must-Know Tips before Taking on Your First Employee

freelance hiring

If you’re reading this blog because you’re seriously considering hiring your first employee to grow your sole proprietorship into a larger entity, congratulations! The fact that you’ve even reached the point of considering hiring some extra help means that business is booming and you’ve got nowhere to go but up. Now for the downside. Taking any big step in your career can be risky, but this is especially true of freelancers who are on teetering on the verge of a one-man show and establishing an LLC or partnership. But as all freelancers already know, without risk, there can be no reward. So if you think you’re ready to take your freelance writing gig to the next level and hire your first employee, here are the top three tips I have for you.

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Should You Hire a Freelancer or an In-House Writer?

hire a freelancer

I’ll be the first to admit, there are benefits and drawbacks to both freelancing and writing as a salaried employee, just as there are pros and cons of hiring a freelance writer over an in-house writer. When looking to hire a writer, the best choice for you will largely depend on the needs and goals of your business or company, as well as the particular qualifications and skill set of the writer in question. To help you streamline this decision and ultimately choose the best writer for your needs, here are a few important things to consider.

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