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She is a freelance content writer and editor who holds her Master’s of Fine Arts in fiction writing from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as Bachelor degrees in English and French from Ohio University. When not writing, she spends time with her horse, Lucy. She lives, writes, and rides in Pittsburgh, PA.

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A Word on Adversity, Writing, and Your Career

adversity in writing

It’s an ordinary rainy Wednesday morning and I’m about to sit down at my desk out of the cold, wet weather and I start to think about the story my dad was just telling me about how hitchhiking used to be his primary mode of transportation. And how he’d hated it. Just hated it. Imagine that. And that’s just it. All I can do to relate to those stories is try to imagine what it must be like to be a 20-year-old college kid thumbing your way back to Pittsburgh in the snow, not knowing who’s going to pick you up or how far they’ll take you.

Back to me at my desk. Like most people in my generation, thanks to my hitchhiking parents, I’ve gotten through just about 30 years of life without ever having to stare real adversity in the face. Challenges? Discomfort? Sure. Adversity? No, at least not in the same way that my parents and their parents experienced it. My grandfather hugged his father goodbye one day and walked down the street to serve in the Navy in WWII. The next time he saw his dad was at his funeral. He’d had a heart attack, likely from the soot and dust he breathed in over years of working in the mill.

The point is that without adversity, without scratching and clawing just to make it home alive, we as a society are starting to miss something big.

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What’s a Content Mill and Why Don’t I Want to Use One?

whats a content mill

Whether you’re a business looking to hire a freelance writer or two or are a writer yourself and are looking for some paid gigs, chances are, you’ve come across your fair share of content mills in your search. So what, exactly, is a content mill in the first place, and why might this not be the best idea for either side? Read on to learn more.

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6 Tips for Decluttering Your Work Space and Getting More Done

decluttering work space

Clutter has been linked with heightened anxiety, stress, and low productivity levels. If you’re a freelancer trying to manage a business and a million-and-one different clients and projects, this can mean big problems for not only your financial success but also your sanity. Take a look at these six tips for decluttering your work space so that you can get more done more efficiently and with much less stress.

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